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Deflagration Flame Arrester, endurance burning proof, End-of-Line

  • endurance burning protection for alcohols and hydrocarbons with MESG ≥ 0,5mm.
  • weather hood protects the PROTEGO<® flame arrester unit against environmental impact, such as nesting animals and weather conditions
  • in case of fire, the weather hood opens, allowing the flame to be seen from a far distance
  • centrally aligned melting element is resistant to chemicals
  • modular design enables replacement of individual FLAMEFILTER®discs
  • trouble-free maintenance
  • provides protection against atmospheric deflagrations and endurance burning
  • cost-effective spare parts

Function and Description

The PROTEGO® BE/HK-E end-of-line deflagration flame arrester was specifically developed for vessels which are not pressurized and store Ethanol or other alcohols. The combustion of alcohol requires a modified flame arrester element design to provide protection against endurance burning. In addition, the device provides protection against atmospheric deflagration. It is typically installed on in - breathing and out-breathing vent lines to prevent flame transmission into the vessel or plant caused by endurance burning or atmospheric deflagration.

The PROTEGO® BE/HK-E consists of the housing (1), a weather hood (2), and the PROTEGO® flame arrester unit (3). During normal operation, the metal weather hood is in a closed position. If a stabilized flame burns on the flame arrester element surface, the melting element (5), located in a center position, will melt, and the spring- loaded weather hood will open. The PROTEGO® flame arrester unit consists of two FLAMEFILTER ® discs (4), which are installed in a FLAMEFILTER® casing. The PROTEGO® BE/HK-E end-of-line deflagration flame arrester is available for alcohols and other substances with MESG ≥ 0,5mm.

The standard design can be used for operating temperatures up to +60°C / 140°F.

EU conformity according to the currently valid ATEX directive. Approvals according to other national/international regulations on request.


To select the nominal size (DN), please use the flow capacity charts on the following pages

DN20 / ¾"25 / 1"32 / 1¼"
a163 / 6.42163 / 6.42163 / 6.42
b180 / 7.09177 / 6.97177 / 6.97
Dimensions in mm / inches Dimensions for deflagration flame arrester with heating jacket upon request

Material selection for housing

Design BC
Housing Steel Stainless Steel
Weather Hood Steel Stainless Steel
Flame arrester unitAA, B
Special materials upon request

Material combinations of flame arrester unit

Design AB
FLAMEFILTER® cage Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
FLAMEFILTER® Stainless Steel Hastelloy
SpacerStainless SteelHastelloy
Special materials upon request

Selection of explosion group

MESGExpl. Gr. (IEC / CEN)Gas Group (NEC)
≥ 0,5 mmIIB
Special approvals upon request

Flange connection type

EN 1092-1; Form B1
ASME B16.5 CL 150 R.F.
other connections upon request

Design Types and Specifications

There are two different designs:

End-of-line deflagration flame arrester, basic design

BE/HK-E - –

End-of-line deflagration flame arrester with heating jacket


Special designs available on request

Flow Capacity Chart

The flow capacity charts have been determined with a calibrated and TÜV certified flow capacity test rig. Volume flow V in (m³/h) and CFH refer to the standard reference conditions of air ISO 6358 (20°C, 1bar). For conversion to other densities and temperatures refer to Sec. 1: “Technical Fundamentals”.