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Reduction of Vapour Emissions - Safe Plant Operation

Excellence in Safety and Environment

PROTEGO® Valves help to reach Net Zero for a Sustainable Future

Due to the highly developed manufacturing technology of PROTEGO® valves the tank pressure is maintained up to set pressure with a tightness that is far superior to the conventional standard. According to the PROTEGO® Standard PS-001 leak rates are measured at 90% of the set pressure. This testing ensures PROTEGO® Valves exceed the most stringent leakage rate requirements of EPA, API2000 and EN ISO 28300.

The extreme tightness of PROTEGO® Valves guarantees Zero Emission at Tank Operating Pressure.

Product losses are minimized and emissions are reduced

To meet the goal of emission reduction, PROTEGO® full lift vents utilize 10% overpressure technology. This technology provides very short opening and closing pressure ranges. The vent only requires 10% overpressure above the set pressure to reach full performance. The tank pressure is maintained up to just below the maximum permissible tank pressure.
PROTEGO® 10% full-lift technology vents are a major benefit to emission reduction and to safe process plant operation.

Emission Saving Potential

for a Tank Farm

The graphic shows calculations based on the VDI 3479 guideline demonstrating the vapor saving potential comparing a 100%, 40% and 10% PROTEGO® full lift type technology. 

The PROTEGO® 10% Technology saves emissions and costs. 

Trusted by leaders worldwide

"PROTEGO® Valves have an excellent tightness. The leakage of the valve is much lower than the requirement of local environmental protection bureaus. We are very satisfied with the PROTEGO® products."

one of the world's largest petroleum and petrochemical companies

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Alcohol Applications

PROTEGO® Valves with integrated Flame Arrester

Styrene Applications

PROTEGO® UB/SF - Diaphragm Valve with integrated Flame Arrester

Acrylate Applications

PROTEGO® UB/SF - Diaphragm Valve with integrated Flame Arrester

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