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Flame Arresters as integrated Equipment Components

Flame Arresters as integrated Equipment Components

Protection of flameproof radial-flow fans with integrated flame arresters

FLAMEFILTER®, flame arrester units or flame arresters as OEM components are product variants, that are integrated by qualified and approved manufacturers in their branded products.

Protecting flameproof radial-flow fans as type-approved Zone-0 fans with integrated FA-I-V-T and FA-I-P flame arresters.

Protection of dry-running vacuum pumps with flame arresters

Protecting dry-running vacuum pumps with EV/VS-T and EV/VD flame arresters at the inlet and at the outlet, respectively, which are tested and certified together with the vacuum pump. Other forms of protection with DR/ES and DR/ES-T, respectively, are possible.

Not shown: FLAMEFILTER® are used in gas analysers to protect the explosive environment from explosions as may occur in the analyser due to ignition of the gases or vapours to be measured or analysed. FLAMEFILTER® are installed in the pressure and vacuum relief openings of airplane fuel tanks to protect from external explosions.

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