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Standardization Committees

International Standard for Flame Arresters – ISO 16852

EN 12784 was replaced by EN ISO 16852 as a harmonized standard under the then Directive 94/9/EC with effect from January 1, 2011. The international ISO standard ISO 16852 was adopted as European standard EN ISO 16852:2010 "Flame arresters - Performance requirements, test methods and limits for use". It thus replaced EN 12874 with the same title. The replacement of this standard was not due to safety-related reasons, but resulted from the extension of the standard's scope of validity beyond Europe. Flame arresters complying with EN 12874 therefore continued to fulfil the essential health and safety requirements of Directive 94/9/EC, now 2014/34/EU.
Work was then carried out on a first revision of the ISO standard, in particular with regard to the testing of high-speed valves. This EN ISO 16852:2016 replaced the 2010 edition on November 1, 2017.
Work is currently underway to incorporate the standard for flame arresters into the ISO 80079-xx series of standards, which will also be adapted to IEC requirements. The ISO/IEC 80079-49 standard will be published soon.

Standards for venting atmospheric and low-pressure storage tanks - ISO 28300 and API 2000

The International Standard ISO 28300 and the 6th edition of API 2000 are identical in content and specify the requirements for normal venting and emergency venting of aboveground tanks for the storage of liquid petroleum or petroleum products and of aboveground and underground storage tanks with refrigeration designed to operate at full vacuum to 1.034 barg (15 psig). This standard, entitled "Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Venting of atmospheric and low-pressure storage tanks", covers the causes of overpressure and vacuums, the specification of venting and venting requirements, the equipment required, the selection and installation of venting and venting equipment and the testing and marking of venting equipment. This standard is intended for tanks containing petroleum and petroleum products, but is also applicable to tanks containing other liquids.
In the meantime, the API had further developed the API 2000 standard in a 7th edition. In order to achieve the goal of making both standards identical again, a revision of ISO 28300 is currently being processed, which is also being discussed in parallel at API.

Safety Design Principles Standards Committee (NASG)

As an overarching committee, the NASG (Standards Committee Safety Design Principles) carries out standardization work with regard to the testing and use of explosion protection devices (except flame arresters). Directive 2014/34/EU applies to equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX Directive). It lays down basic health and safety requirements that must be complied with by manufacturers of such equipment and systems. The NASG is actively involved in the development of standards that specify the basic requirements of the directive in detail. The standardization includes explosion prevention systems or protective systems for pressure relief and much more.

The PROTEGO® Team has an active share in these standardization bodies:


NA 104-02-05 AA Flammendurchschlagsicherungen und Tanklüftungseinrichtungen
NA 109-00-01 AA    Öl- und Gasindustrie einschließlich kohlenstoffarmer Energieträger - Spiegelausschuss zu CEN/TC 12 und ISO/TC 67
NA 109-00-01-06 AKVerfahrenstechnische Ausrüstung, Rohrleitungen, Anlagen und damit verbundene Sicherheit - Spiegelausschuss zu ISO/TC 67/SC 6


APQStorage of Chemical Products 


BSI - EXL/023Explosion Protection & Fire Precautions in Industrial & Chemical Plant
BSI - EXL/023/01Flame Arresters – Chair of Flame Arrester Panel


APIAPI Committee on pressure relieving systems
NFPANFPA Technical Committee on Explosion Protection Systems


SAC TC208 WG9Fire and Explosion Protection
GB/T20801.6 – 2006Pressure piping code – Industrial piping – Part 6, Safeguarding
Standard Handbook for industrial valvesVolume 6: Breather Valves
Sinopec Safety Guideline for Tank Farm VOCs Collection and Treatment
Safety Standard for Vapor Collection of Tank Farm of Petro- and Chemical industry
Sinopec Safety Guideline for Tank Farm VOCs Collection and Treatment


CEN TC 305 WG 6Flame Arresters


IEC - TC 31/SC 31M/WG 2Performance requirements, test methods and limits for use for flame arresters
ISO TC 67 SC6 WG12Pressure-relieving and depressuring systems