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Quality and HSE

Quality and HSE

Our Quality Standards

An integral part of our corporate guidelines is having traditional values such as reliability, fairness, and responsibility, as well as progressing in technology, products, and services.

We are available to our customers worldwide for advice and service. They trust in our products and also rely on our high development and quality standards. The company policy maintains and strengthens these commitments, the reputation, and success. The success of our customers and our employees is the focus of our attention.


Certificates and Approvals

PROTEGO® Quality Policy

We focus on our internal and external customers, whose needs and expectations are recognized early and solved reliably.

The qualification, information, and motivation of all employees are a fundamental prerequisite for the success of our company. That is why it is important to inform, provide, and support employees with training for the necessary knowledge and skills.

By setting goals, we commit ourselves to continuous improvement.

Each employee is responsible for implementing this policy in his or her department.

Our innovations and knowledge create new products and secure our future.

Market changes provide us with opportunities for growth in our profitability, as well as the capability to develop and deliver innovative products, services, and solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

The company and process goals are derived from the quality policy in order to support our managers.

We are committed to taking responsibility for jointly achieving our quality goals and for identifying with our core values.

It is the responsibility of the managers to make sure that the quality policy is understood by all employees.

We create distinct, competitive advantages for our customers and ourselves. We are a reliable partner in matters of environmental protection, and occupational health and safety.

We want to move into new areas that build on our technologies and competencies, while taking into account our customers’ interests.

We aim to generate a reasonable profit to finance further growth of our company and to provide the resources we need to achieve our corporate goals.

If necessary, the quality policy is adapted to the circumstances in order to support the process of continuous improvement and effectiveness of the QM system.

Our goal is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of the products we offer.

Problems and recognized mistakes are opportunities for us to innovate and improve.

Defects in quality must, when possible, be rectified immediately. Otherwise, they must be reported to the responsible superior at once.

PROTEGO® HSE Guidelines

The company pledges itself to an open information policy towards the employees and other interested parties, in order to awaken and to improve the understanding for HSE issues and their impacts.

We support the responsible behaviour of our employees. This presumes an ongoing support of the awareness for health, safety and environment protection. Necessary training and continuing education programs are scheduled, realized and assessed. The involvement of the employees in the continuous improvement process (CIP) supports our excellence approach. For the fulfillment of statutory obligations and the effectiveness of the management system the management board has designated authorized persons and specialist staff and given notice to all employees about this group of persons.

We set ambitious goals.

Deployment and maintenance of safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

We make our business partners aware of HSE issues.

For the safe handling of our products we provide all necessary information relating to transport, storage, usage and disposal.

Responsible use of natural resources.

Health, safety and environment protection are the fundamental principles guiding our action.

We comply with all relevant legislation, directives and guidelines in the field of HSE.

The commitment to protect employees, customers, business partners and further interested parties is important to us.

We support the awareness of hazardous situations.

These HSE principles form the basis for appropriate behaviour and are an essential requirement for the economic success of the company.