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Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Genuine Spare Parts Service

PROTEGO® Maintenance Service guarantees your safety, plant operation and value retention.
By purchasing PROTEGO® systems, you have invested in high-grade products. These are used in your processes to protect the plant, environment and people. Our service technicians are available to provide you, your employees and partners with their expertise. They will ensure reliable functioning of your PROTEGO® products, resulting in the safe operation of your systems.

Your benefits:

  • Many years service technicians have in providing services on site;
  • Access to the PROTEGO® corporate expertise;
  • Use of genuine spare parts;
  • Detailed maintenance reports drawn up.

A broad range of genuine spare parts is available both in the headquarters in Braunschweig and at the global centres. For older PROTEGO® systems too, many parts are available ex stock or can be re-manufactured if and when necessary. Use of genuine PROTEGO® spare parts in conjunction with regular qualified maintenance guarantees high plant availability, safety and a long useful life of PROTEGO® devices.

The standard delivery period for spare parts in stocks is about one week EXW. Non-stocked parts can be re-manufactured as a rule. We will gladly submit an offer if you request it.

Express deliveries: Spare parts available in stocks can be delivered as express goods if your order is received at PROTEGO® HQ before 12:00am.



  • Within Europe (without customs borders) no later than on the third work day after order.
  • For express handling, we charge a flat rate of EUR200 per order.


Request Spare Parts now

When on-site maintenance of your valves is not feasible we would like to investigate the practicality of repair or conversion at a global PROTEGO® subsidiary with a suitable workshop. Please contact us prior to sending any devices. We have access to design documents dating back to 1995 (year of manufacture). Repair of older devices is usually not advisable. In such cases, we recommend purchasing new state-of-the-art systems. We will gladly recommend the proper system.


When shipping devices, the following documents are required: 

Declaration of non-contamination
Return note

Servicepartners - PARCs

PARC: PROTEGO® Authorized Repair Center

There are a great many companies which also offer maintenance and repairs for PROTEGO® valves and equipment. However, only some of these realise the requirements associated with PROTEGO® devices (type-tested protective systems) and their field use in plants. In fact, reading and understanding the manufacturer's instruction manual is a prerequisite. Frequently, we learn of fundamental mistakes made by inadequately qualified personnel when attending to equipment of PROTEGO® make. We have therefore built for several years a network of authorised service partners - PARCs (PROTEGO® Authorised Repair Centre). The PARCs offer you qualified and regional support in maintenance and repairs. Use the menu or the interactive map to find the PARC in your vicinity. It is exclusively listed companies/sites (in case of groups) which may claim to be authorised partners.



Becoming a Servicepartner

Are you interested in becoming an authorised service partner / PARC? If so, contact us or a regional PROTEGO® centre.

Contact us

The PARC in your area