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Protection of Vapour Combustion Systems and Flares

Protection of Vapour Combustion Systems and Flares

with Flame Arresters and Valves

Protection of flares

  • Equipping elevated flares or ground flares with DA-SB detonation flame arresters.
  • Equipping the emergency vent stack with VD/SV-HRL deflagration-proof endurance burning-proof pressure and vacuum relief valve.
  • Gasholders with DR/SBW detonation flame arrester in the gas supply and EB endurance burning-proof vent cap above the diaphragm.

Protection of vapor combustion systems

FA-I-T Temperature-monitored deflagration flame arresters in the feed line to the exhaust air combustor at the maximum allowable distance from the operational ignition source (L/D ratio) and in parallel for the sake of availability for servicing or emergency transfer in case of endurance burning detected on the arrester.

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