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PROTEGO® devices are designed with process safety as the primary objective. Our standard and custom-made solutions comply with current national and international guidelines.

A Family Business with a tradition for innovation, becomes the global market leader.

2022 - Installation of the MESG Laboratory

2021- Start-up of the flow test rig for high flows

2020 - Opening of the PROTEGO® Technology Center

2019 - Market launch of In-Tank Valve PROTEGO® ITV

2018 - Market launch of PROTEGO® ExU, the first controlled in-line deflagration flame arrester

2017 - Market launch of the world’s highest flow capacity pilot-operated valves

2016 - World’s first in-line liquid detonation flame arrester for higher temperatures

2015 - World’s first in-line detonation flame arrester for H2/O2 mixtures for higher pressure

2013 - World's largest in line deflagration arrester approved for explosion group IIA (NEC group D) – DN 1000 (40”) flange connection

2012 - World’s largest in-line detonation arrester approved for explosion group IIB1 – DN 1000 (40”) flange connection

2011 - World’s largest in-line deflagration arrester approved for explosion group IIA – DN 1000 (40”) flange connection

2008 - World’s first in line detonation arrester type tested and approved for carbon disulphide

2006 - World’s first endurance burning flame arrester for hydrogen

2005 - Development of first static, endurance burning flame arrester for ethanol and ethanol based fuels

2004 - Development of the first detonation arresters for acetylene and ethylene oxide

2003 - Development of first static type, endurance burning rated flame arrester for explosion group IIB3

2002 – Development of flame arresters for elevated pressures and temperatures

2000 - Manufacturing the broadest range of type approved flame arresters globally

1998 - Our flow test facility was renewed and has been technologically improved ever since

1998 - Introduction of ATEX quality assurance for flame arresters

1997 – Development of low pressure valves with full lift type pallets (10% Technology)

1995 – Enhancement of the effectiveness of detonation arresters through the pre-ignition effect and shock-wave guide tube

1994 - The quality management system is certified under ISO 9001

1991 – Development of integrated flame arresters for blowers and vacuum pumps

1982 - First approval for hydraulic flame arresters

1978 – Approval for deflagration flame arrester with temperature monitoring

1977 - Development of our own research/testing center for flame arresters, up to 12” in size

1975 – Development of pilot-operated valves, bottom outlet valves and safety vent valves

1967 - Approval of hydrogen deflagration and detonation arresters

1965 - Our first flow measuring system was put into operation

1964 - Development and patenting of the first detonation arrester for liquid products

1964 - The world’s first endurance burn proof diaphragm valve was put on the market

1959 - First construction phase of Braunschweiger Flammenfilter in Bienrode, Germany

1955 - The world’s first tank vent with integrated flame arrester, rated for endurance burning is developed

1954 - Robert Leinemann establishes Braunschweiger Flammenfilter

1929 - The world’s first detonation flame arrester, developed by Robert Leinemann is patented