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Gauging and Sampling Pipe, verifiable

Function and Description

The gauging and sampling pipes type PROTEGO® PR/0 are used for gauging of tank contents in horizontal or vertical tanks. They can be used in combination with other devices as for instance PROTEGO® VP/HK, PROTEGO® PS/E as well as PROTEGO® PG/H.

The gauging and sampling pipes PROTEGO® PR/0 consist of the gauging and sampling pipe (1), the cap (2) with gasket and the gauging table (3). In normal operation the gauging pipe is closed with the cap. It is opened only for tank content gauging.

PROTEGO® PR/0 is not flame transmission proof and therefore special safety measures have to be implemented in order to avoid flame transmission into the tank caused by external ignition sources.


DNDNabnumber of hole lines
1004“150 / 5.913053
Dimensions in mm / inches The measures c, d, e, f must be given with the order

Material selection

Gauging pipeSteelStainless Steel
Gauge plateSteelStainless Steel
CapBrassStainless Steel
For combination with other gauging device design 1 with welding neck flange is available (from DN 100/4''). Instead of the gauging table PROTEGO® PT/S a perforated bottom can be Chosen alternatively.

Data Necessary for Specification

Storage product
Tank nozzle Diameter DN
Tank inner Diameter c (m or ft) for horizontal tanks
Tank height c (mm or inches) for standing tanks
Length d (mm or inches)
Length e (mm or inches)
Stud length f (mm or inches)

Selection and Design

Select the required nominal sizes based on the gauging equipment size or nominal size of the connecting nozzle. specify measures c, d, e and f must be specified with the order and necessary for the interpretation. The device must be sufficiently resistant to corrosion through product vapour/air mixtures. If necessary, designs in Special stainless steel quality should be selected.

Gauging and Sampling Pipe PROTEGO® PR/0 with perforated bottom for the horizontal tank.

Gauging and Sampling PIpe PROTEGO® PR/0 with gauging table PROTEGO® PS/KF for a vertical tank.


Also sampling with a suitable Sampling Pot PROTEGO® PG/H is possible. Information about gauging and sampling device are available in a seperate catalogue sheet.