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Catalog Section 1 - 4 MB

PROTEGO® Technology

Consider a PROTEGO® In-Line Deflagration Arrester - 6 MB

depending on the L/D ratio for which the device was tested

Emergency Relief Valve PROTEGO® ER-V-LP - 529 KB

New Development for Low Pressure Settings up to + 3.4 mbar

Pressure/Vacuum Pilot-Operated Relief Valve - 228 KB

PROTEGO® VN-A-PC-PF/PM-NV, Pressure/Vacuum Pilot-Operated Relief Valve for Liquified Gases under Cryogenic Conditions

Protect Your Process with the Proper Flame Arrester - 991 KB

CEP (Chemical Engineering Progress), Dec 2013

PROTEGO® and Lightning Master - 2 MB

A layered approach to Explosion Protection


Self Closing Emergency Pressure Relief Valve

PROTEGO® Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves - 363 KB

Score Less Than 100 ppm Leak Rate in EPA Method 21 Test