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Tank Equipment

For safe and reliable operation of plants and installations, both tanks and containers are typically equipped with floating suction units as well as floating roof drainage systems and gauging and sampling devices. You can find a product overview on this page below.

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PROTEGO® SA/S floating suction units are used in storage tanks with very high purity requirements of the substances, e.g. aviation or fossil fuels.

Fixed roof tanks that store liquids with different densities, so-called slop tanks, are fitted with the Floating Skimmer System PROTEGO® SA/DA for seperating the phases.

Together with the tank operator or tank builder, we develop the best way to ensure both economical and safe operation.

For floating roof tanks, the drainage system for the floating roof must be very precisesly designed. Every moment of the floating roof must be considered, and the load of the joints must not affect the free moving space. If there is restricted movement, the system will crack, the pipes will bend, and the joints will be stuck. In order to prevent the water in the system from standing still and freezing, ensure sufficient drain to the lateral tank nozzle. Decades of experience have been incorporated into the trouble-free systems - from the roof drain valves to the system with ball bearing joints or metal hose joints. When the floating roofs are in maintenance position, the completely drained space below the floating roof must be vented through a lift-actuated vent valve. When storing flammable liquids in the tank, venting is to be done through flame arresters.

Gauging and sampling hatches allow the use of gauging and sampling devices in the tank. For horizontal tanks, deflagration-proof gauging pipes are available.

For sampling and local venting of tanks that store flammable liquids, PROTEGO® has designed special sampling and air bleed valves with flame arrester elements.

Explosion-proof floor drains for helicopter landing pads safely release flammable liquids (e.g. kerosene) into collecting containers. There is no flame transmission if an outside ignition source ignites the potentially explosive atmosphere.

PROTEGO® In-Tank Valve ITV-S
The PROTEGO® In-Tank Valve ITV-S for tank bottom or tank wall connection are used in cryogenic tanks and fulfills the requirements of API 625. The valves can be put to service in applications where temperatures as low as –196°C exist.

Function and Advantages
The isolation valve is physically located inside the tank on the vessel bottom or on a connection to the tank shell and while the tank is in normal service, it is kept in open position. In the
event of a failure of the external piping of the discharge line the In-Tank valve is automatically activated. It is also automatically activated during a loss of power or air supply.


PROTEGO® In-Tank Valve SI/DP
The PROTEGO® In-Tank Valves SI/DP  are used as additional shut-off valves for double-walled containers, e.g., for storing liquefied gases, cryogenic gases, or other low temperature products or chemicals.

Function and Advantages
The external connection piece of the housing is usually fitted with a gate valve that is provided by the customer and aids the normal operating procedure. During normal operation, the valves are kept in the open position. It is only closed in case of emergency or for necessary repairs to the gate valve.


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