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Vent Cap, End-of-Line

  • vent cap provides protection against environmental impact (harsh weather conditions, bird nests, etc.)
  • cost effective device
  • almost maintenance free
  • certified flow performance curves

Функция и описание

The E/KS vent cap allows vessels which are not pressurize to vent. The vent cap is made out of plastic and is the best solution in applications with aggressive media. This E/KS vent cap prevents rain and dirt from entering the vent line. The device is not flame transmission proof. It is often used in combination with detonation flame arresters, when those are used in vent lines, installed at a position which creates a long run up distance from the end of the vent line to prevent endurance burning. The E/KS vent cap will then be installed at the end of that vent line to prevent particles or rain from entering the line.

The vent caps main components are a housing (1), a weather hood (2) and spacers (3).

Таблица параметров

To select the nominal size (DN), please use the flow capacity charts on the following pages

DN50 / 2" 80 / 3" 100 / 4" 150 / 6" 200 / 8"
a135 / 5.31140 / 5.51145 / 5.71195 / 7.68200 / 7.87
b170 / 6.69230 / 9.06300 / 11.81375 / 14.76450 / 17.72
размер в мм

Material selection

Design ABC
Weather hoodPEPPPVDF
Special materials upon request

Вид фланцевого соединения

 EN 1092-1, Форма B1
ASME B16.5 CL 150 R.F.
other types upon request

Модели и спецификация

Following designs are available:

Vent cap, basic design


Special designs available on request

Диаграммы пропускной способности

Диаграммы пропускной способности были определены с помощью калибрированной и сертифицированной объединением технического надзора (TÜV) проточной измерительной установки. Пропускная способность V. в м³/час определена воздухом при нормальных атмосферных условиях в соответствии с ISO 6358 (20°C, 1 бар). Преобразование для различных плотностей и температур см. главу 1: Технические основы