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VP/HK with PS/E and PG/H

Gauging and Sampling Device with accessories

Function and Description

The PROTEGO® gauging and sampling assembly consists of the manual gauging and sampling device PROTEGO® VP/HK (1), the gauging nozzle PROTEGO® PS/E (2), the gauging pipe PROTEGO® PR/0, the gauge plate PROTEGO® PT/S and the sampling pot PG/H (3). This assembly serves for gauging (determination of the liquid level) and sampling in horizontal or vertical aboveground tanks which store non-flammable or – if equipped appropriately – flammable liquids, this device may also be used for storage tanks approved by customs.

The portable gauging and sampling device PROTEGO® VP/HK is attached by aa clamp to the fixing rod of the gauging nozzle. The millimeter-scale measuring tape - black anodized - is calibrated by customs.

The gauging pipe PROTEGO® PR/0 is made of an insert-pipe with holes. the slip-on fllange is included in the shipment and has to be welded on during on-site assembly.

The gauging nozzle with hinged cover and clip-lock PROTEGO® PS/E is attached to the counter-flange of the gauging and sampling pipe. The locking nozzle has the Fixing rod attached for connecting the gauging and sampling device PROTEGO® VP/HK.

The sampling constructed from stainless steel with conductive plastic caps pot PROTEGO® PG/H consists of housing with metallic sealing valve discs and snap-hook. Specify the required capacity (1l or 2l / 0.22 gal (UK) or 0.44 gal (UK))

Dimensions for PS/E

DN abcefg
100 / 4"150 / 5.91150 / 5.91305 / 12.01300 / 11.81640 / 25.20280 / 11.02
150 / 6"200 / 7.87150 / 5.91375 / 14.76300 / 11.81640 / 25.20280 / 102
Dimensions in mm / inches Measure d must be given with the order

Material for VP/HK

Measuring tapeStainless Steel
Lowering weightStainless Steel
Crank handleAluminium
Gauging nozzle PS / ESteel or Stainless Steel
Gauging pipe PR / 0Steel or Stainless Steel
Gauging plate PT / SSteel or Stainless Steel
Sampling pot PG / HStainless Steel

Data Necessary for Specification

Specify the tank dimensions for the length of tape ans gauging pipe PROTEGO® PG/H (1l or 2l / 0.22 gal (UK) or 0.44 gal (UK))

Selection and Design

The materials of the tank and storage medium determine the Basic materials to be selected.

Design Types and Specifications

The assembly can be ordered either as complete unit or in individual devices. Please specify the nominal diameters DN for gauging nozzle and gauging pipe.

1) Manual gauging and sampling device VP/HK including

2) Gauging nozzle PS/E, DN (mm or inches)

3) Gauging pipe PR/0, DN (mm or inches)

Gauge plate PT/S

Sampling pot PG/H