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Gauge Hatch with welded nozzle

Function and Description

PROTEGO® gauge hatches PS/K and PS/TK are used as lockable gauge nozzles which are only opened for gauging or sampling.

The gauge hatches PROTEGO® PS/K and PS/TK mainly consist of housing, cover, and bracket. As a standard, the housing has stainless steel gauge marks.

In the pedal-operated version PROTEGO® PS/TK, the gauging nozzle pedal is connected to both the housing and the bracket.


DN100 / 4'' 150 / 6'' 200 / 8''
a175 / 6.89225 / 8.86250 / 9.84
b265 / 10.43320 / 12.60355 / 13.98
c160 / 6.30205 / 8.07235 / 9.25
c1260 / 10.24305 / 12.01335 / 13.19
d275 / 10.83350 / 13.78450 / 17.72
Dimensions in mm / inches The nominal size depends on the dimensions of the gauging and sampling device

Material selection

HousingSteelStainless Steel*
CoverDuctile IronStainless Steel*
* only for PS/K

Data Necessary for Specification

Stored product
Tank material
Tank nozzle DN (mm or inches)

Flange connection type

The flange connection is to EN 1092-1, Form A. Optionally, the connecting flange can be made according to any international Standard.

Design Types and Specifications

Depending on the intended use the following designs are available:

Gauge hatch with welding nozzle, design I and II


remaining open


automatic cover closing


Gauge hatch with welding nozzle and pedal


Gauge hatches with flange are available as type PROTEGO® PF/K, PF/TK and PS/KF. A separate data sheet is available.

Gauge Hatches can for instance be used in combination with the Manual gauge devices type PROTEGO® H/P or wih the gauging and sampling device PROTEGO® VP/HK.

Gauge Hatches can be welded on tanks with floating roof.