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Detonation Flame Arrester for tank ships and containers

  • meets all ADN* requirements
  • flat design
  • the emergency venting with the flexibly mounted flame arrester enables use even in bad weather conditions as well as with contaminated products
  • extraordinarily easy to service
  • the design of the PROTEGO® flame arrester unit enables individual FLAMEFILTER® discs to be replaced
  • we offer support in calculating loading and unloading rates
  • applicable for nearly all flammable liquids
  • may be used as maintenance and cleaning hatch
  • cost efficient spare parts
* European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways

Função e descrição

The PROTEGO® BR/TS-80-IIB-P1.6 detonation flame arrester was developed for protecting tankships but can also be used for containers. These devices are especially used on tank ships operating on inland waterways or coastal shipping. The device is installed on the tank or a pipe section connected to the tank with a nominal size of 250 mm / 10" and connected to the vapour balancing line (DN 80 / 3"). The individual tanks connected via the vapour balancing line are technically decoupled by the detonation arresters and protected.

The device protects against unidirectional detonation. In particular, the arrester consists of a shock absorber (1) and the PROTEGO® flame arrester unit (2). The PROTEGO® flame arrester unit consists of several FLAMEFILTER® discs (3) and spacers firmly held in a FLAMEFILTER® cage (4). It is moveable and can be folded to the side for maintenance. The primary goal of this design is to enable the tank to be vented or supplied with air in an emergency when ice or crystallizing products clog the FLAMEFILTER®. The PROTEGO® BR/TS flame arrester is available for explosion groups IIA to IIB (NEC group D to B MESG ≥ 0.5 mm).

The standard design is approved up to an operating temperature of +60°C / 140°F and an operating pressure up to 1.6 bar / 23.2 psi (absolute), and it meets all the conditions of the ADN* for hazardous goods transport on European Inland Waterways.

Type-tests according to EN ISO 16852 and classifi cation societies are available.

Seleção do material do corpo

HousingSteelStainless Steel
CoverSteelStainless Steel
Flame arrester unitAA

Material selection for flame arrester unit

Design A
FLAMEFILTER® cageStainless Steel
FLAMEFILTER®Stainless Steel
SpacerStainless Steel

Tipo de conexão flangeada

EN 1092-1; Form B1
ASME B16.5 CL 150 R.F.

Diagrama de vazão

Este diagrama de vazão foi determinado em uma bancada de medição de vazão calibrada e certificada pela TÜV. A vazão V em m³/h se refere ao estado técnico padrão de ar, conforme ISO 6358 (20°C, 1bar). Para conversão em outras densidades e temperaturas, veja o cap. 1: Bases técnicas.