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Développement durable et protection de l'environnement

Dans l'intérêt des générations actuelles et futures, la protection de l'environnement et la promotion de la durabilité sont des tâches entrepreneuriales. Nous sommes conscients de cette responsabilité. Nous sommes convaincus que nos efforts apportent une contribution positive au monde dans lequel nous vivons.

Pour en savoir plus sur nos projets passés et en cours, cliquez ici.

Blood Donation

Team PROTEGO® Brazil visited the State Institute of Hematology (HEMORIO) to do their part in blood donation.
In each donation, a maximum of 470 ml of blood were donated. With this amount of blood, doctors are able to save the lives of four people!

Every tree counts, let's create a greener future!
The local newspapers have strong regional ties and, as paper-consuming companies, they want to take responsibility for the Harz region and reforest it as a recreational area. They have selected a planting area with the Lower Saxony State Forests, which they intend to turn into a new forest together.

We are glad to be part of this incredibly important project!
Our team has teamed up with "Tierschutz Braunschweig" to expand the shelter area of the Tierschutzverein in Braunschweig and provide the animals with weather protection for the cold winter.
Bee Sponsorship

We care for the environment and our planet, so every day we try to take a step further in our journey to a sustainable future.
That is why we decided to take on the responsibility of becoming a bee sponsor.
A new outdoor play area for a Parity Day Care Center

Our trainees are back at it again and this time they built a lovely new outdoor play area for all the children at the Parity Day Care Centre. The day care centre "Mein Weg" ("My Way") is a special needs kindergarten for physically disabled children and is located in the district "Weststadt" in Brunswick, Germany. A total of 86 crèche and kindergarten children are cared for there.
Projet en matière des droits de l’homme à Guadalajara

Ayant terminé avec succès ses études dans la spécialité « droit international des droits de l‘homme », Annabelle Fröhlich n’a pas perdu de temps pour appliquer ses capacités et les connaissances qu’elle a acquises en s’engageant avec assuidité pour un projet en matière des droits de l’homme à l’étranger.