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Training Courses


For Allrounders

The three-day training course, while dealing with the subject matter of the EXW1 course, lets trainees share hands-on maintenance experience for PROTEGO® Protective Systems in the Academy's workshop (day 3).

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For Engineers and Designers

The two-day training course deals with safety-related basic principles and typical applications. Demonstration tests are conducted at the PROTEGO® Research and Development Center to establish a detailed and better understanding.

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For Shop and Field Workers

The two-day training course is preferably intended for maintenance personnel, also letting trainees share safety-related basic principles and typical applications. Moreover, training in the Academy's workshop addresses various PROTEGO® systems and lets trainees share hands-on experience in maintenance on site or in workshops. For maintenance in workshops, set pressures and leak rates on PROTEGO® valves are among the issues highlighted.

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On Customer's Premises

In addition to the courses available in Braunschweig, we also offer to organize training courses in your company. Such instruction courses are particularly meant for larger groups of your maintenance personnel, letting them share initial basic practice. It is recommended that individual employees attend training courses in Braunschweig to gather in-depth experience.

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Crash courses lasting one or several days can be organised on a case-by-case basis (dedicated training programme, cost subject to agreement).
Training is organised and given by experienced and skilled personnel (engineers, skilled mechanics, fitters and electricians).
Every participant will be given an extensive documentation folder as well as a certificate of attendance.