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PROTEGO® Пламегаситель


Огнепреградители PROTEGO® защищают оборудование и предприятия, которые участвуют в производстве, хранении и транспортировки легковоспламеняющихся газов и жидкостей от дефлаграции и детонации.

The right device for all applications

Flame arresters are subdivided into different types according to the combustion process and by type of installation. Our range of products covers the following:

End-of-line Deflagration Flame Arresters

short time/endurance burning proof

In-line Deflagration Flame Arresters

In-line Detonation Flame Arresters

stable/unstable detonation

Working principle of Flame Arresters

Flame arresters (or ‘flame arrestors’) are designed to allow the flow of gases, liquids, etc. and to prevent flame transmission.

PROTEGO® Flame Arresters are composed of individual FLAMEFILTER® (flame arrester discs), s spacers, and a casing. The FLAMEFILTER® is made of wound, corrugated metal strips. The principle of flame quenching in small gaps is applied in PROTEGO® end-of-line flame arresters and PROTEGO® in-line flame arresters.

When a mixture ignites in a gap between two walls, the flame spreads towards the non-combusted mixture. The expansion in volume of the combusted mixture pre-compresses the non-combusted mixture and accelerates the flame. By heat dissipation in the boundary layer “s”, transferring it to the large surface of the gap length compared to the gap width “D”, and by cooling down the product below its ignition temperature, the flame is extinguished.

The gap width and the gap length of the flame arrester disc determines its extinguishing ability. The narrower and longer the gap, the greater the extinguishing effectiveness. The wider and shorter the gap, the lower the pressure loss. Experiments can determine the optimum solution between the two conditions.

Explosive mixtures can burn in various ways. The following, among other things, can influence the combustion process: the chemical composition of the mixture, possible pressure waves, pre-compression, the geometric shape of the combustion chamber, and the flame propagation speed.

Different gases have different flame propagation capacities and are categorized into explosion groups corresponding to their hazard level. The standard for this is the MESG = Maximum Experimental Safe Gap, a characteristic number measured in the laboratory for the flame propagation ability of the product.


The MESG, or standard gap width, is the largest gap width between the two parts of the interior chamber of a test setup which, when the internal gas mixture is ignited and under specified conditions, prevents ignition of the external gas mixture through a 25 mm long gap, for all concentrations of the tested gas or vapor in air.

The MESG is a property of the respective gas mixture [EN 1127-1]. NOTE: The test setup and methods are specified in EN 60079-20-1. The most explosive composition is close to the stoichiometric mixture of the gas/vapor-air mixture.


Explosion groupMax. Experimental Safe Gap (mm)NECReference Substances for testing flame arrester
IIA1*≥ 1,14 Methane
IIA> 0,90DPropane
IIB1≥ 0,85CEthene
IIB2≥ 0,75CEthene
IIB3≥ 0,65CEthene
IIB≥ 0,5BHydrogen
IIC< 0,5BHydrogen


The table shows the categorization of substances into the respective explosion group according to their MESG (IEC 79-1, EN ISO 16852).

Пламяпреградители PROTEGO® крайне удобной для техобслуживания конструкции

Данная конструкция предотвращает возможность повреждения и нарушения выравнивания дисков пламяпреградителей (FLAMEFILTER®) во время сборки и техобслуживания.

Эти пламяпреградители PROTEGO® специально предназначены для областей применения, где требуется более частое техобслуживание пламяпреградителей (FLAMEFILTER®) (например, где полимеризация или кристаллизация вызывают сильное загрязнение), а также для областей применения IIC.

После установки устройства PROTEGO® можно модернизировать в любое время.

Дополнительная информация

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