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DR/ES, DN 10 - 20

In-Line Detonation Flame Arrester for stable detonations and deflagrations in right angle design, unidirectional

  • compact design
  • minimum number of FLAMEFILTER® discs due to shock absorber technology and optimal geometry
Design for IIB3:
  • the device can be serviced without disconnecting the pipe
  • the individual FLAMEFILTER® can be quickly removed and installed
  • provides protection from deflagration and stable detonation
  • through right angle design no pipe elbows are needed
  • works for nearly any flammable gas and gas mixture
  • low life-cycle cost
  • cost efficient spare parts

Функция и описание

The PROTEGO® DR/ES series in-line detonation flame arrester with connection size up to ¾“ is ideal for installation in small pipes and to protect equipment such as gas analyzers. The device protects against deflagrations and stable detonations. It can be installed anywhere in the pipe no matter what the distance is from the potential ignition source. The small and compact flame arrester has a right angle design.

Once a detonation enters the flame arrester, energy is absorbed from the detonation shock wave by diversion mainly through the shock absorber (1) before the flame is extinguished in the narrow gaps of the FLAMEFILTER® (3). The PROTEGO® flame arrester unit (2) consists of several FLAMEFILTER® discs and spacers (for explosion group IIC - NEC group B) whose gap size and number is determined by the operating parameters of the processed fluid (explosion group, pressure, temperature). This device is available for explosion groups IIB3 and IIC (NEC group C MESG ≥ 0.65 mm and B).

This in-line detonation flame arrester functions unidirectional and is equipped with a threaded connection. The thread can be adapted to international standards. The standard design is approved at an operating temperature up to +60°C / 140°F and an absolute operating pressure acc. to table 3. Devices with special approvals can be obtained for higher pressures and higher temperatures upon request.

Type-approved in accordance with the current ATEX Directive and EN ISO 16852 as well as other international standards.

Таблица параметров

To select the nominal size (DN), please use the flow capacity charts on the following pages

DNG ¼"G ½"G ¾"
a48 / 1.8970 / 2.7680 / 3.15
b35 / 1.3840 / 1.5747 / 1.85
c70 / 2.7675 / 2.9587 / 3.43
d108 / 4.25115 / 4.53135 / 5.31
e34 / 1.3450 / 1.9760 / 2.36
размер в мм

Выбор материала корпуса

HousingSteelStainless SteelHastelloy
Cover with shock absorber*SteelStainless SteelHastelloy
Flame arrester unitAAB
G ¼" only comes in design C and D
* G ¼" without shock absorber Special materials upon request

Комбинация материалов элемента огнепреградителя

FLAMEFILTER®*Stainless SteelHastelloy
SpacerStainless SteelHastelloy
* the FLAMEFILTER® are also available in the materi- als Tantalum, Inconel, Copper, etc. when the listed housing and cage materials are used. Special materials upon request

Выбор группы взрывоопасности

MESGExpl. Gr. (IEC / CEN)Gas Group (NEC)
≥ 0,65 mmIIB3C
< 0,50 mmIICB
Special approvals upon request

Выбор максимального рабочего давления P

Expl. Gr.DNG ¼"G ½"G ¾"
IIB3Pmax1,2 / 17.41,2 / 17.41,2 / 17.4
IICPmax1,1 / 15.91,1 / 15.91,1 / 15.9
Pmax = maximum allowable operating pressure in bar / psi absolute, higher operating pressure upon request,
Expl. Gr. IIB3 covers Expl. Gr. IIA

Спецификация макс. рабочей температуры

≤ 60°C / 140°FTmaximum allowable operating temperature in °C
higher operating temperatures upon request

Вид фланцевого соединения

Pipe thread DIN ISO 228-1DIN
other types of thread upon request

Диаграммы пропускной способности

Диаграммы пропускной способности были определены с помощью калибрированной и сертифицированной объединением технического надзора (TÜV) проточной измерительной установки. Пропускная способность V. в м³/час определена воздухом при нормальных атмосферных условиях в соответствии с ISO 6358 (20°C, 1 бар). Преобразование для различных плотностей и температур см. главу 1: Технические основы