Acessórios de tanques e equipamentos especiais

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Tanks in tank farms and large vessels not only need to be equipped with flame arresters and valves, but they also require special equipment. To fulfill our customers’ requirements we produce tailored valves, systems and devices for special applications. Our delivery programme covers the following product groups:

Special Equipment for Cryogenic Tanks

PROTEGO® Flame Arresters and Valves for Propylene Storage Tanks

Floating Suction Units and Skimming Systems

Sistema de braços mecânicos de sucção flutantes e sistema de sucção superficial

Floating suction units are used in case of very strict requirements for cleanliness of products in a storage tank.
Skimming systems are used to separate liquids of different specific gravity.

Floating Suction Unit PROTEGO® SA/S

Floating Suction Unit PROTEGO® SA/S for fixed-roof tanks

Floating Roof Drainage System

Sistema de drenagem para teto flutante

Drainage systems ensure trouble-free drainage of floating roof tanks.

Floating Roof Drainage System PROTEGO® SE/K

Tank Equipment - Catalogue

Floating Suction Units / Skimmer Systems

FSU by Universal

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Floating Roof Tank Equipment

AL/DK & AL 200

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Gauging and Sampling Equipment


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VP/HK with PS/E & PG/H

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Deflagration proof Special Valves

Air-Drying Devices

Special Safety Valves