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Ship Building, Offshore Platforms and Loading Systems

Protection of tankers with Flame Arresters and Valves

Equipping tankers for flammable products/chemical tankers with BR/TS detonation flame arresters on the individual tank, DE/S endurance burning-proof high-velocity vent valves and SV/E-S explosion-proof vacuum flame arresters.

Detonation-proof connection of the vapour recovery line at the loading terminal for flammable liquids with DA-SB detonation flame arresters.

DA-SB or DR/SBW detonation flame arresters in the gas displacement/vapour receovery line from the loading stations for tank waggons and tank trucks.

Not shown: Offshore platforms/drilling platforms with DA-SB detonation flame arresters and FA-CN deflagration flame arresters, FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) with IMO-approved DA-SB detonation flame arresters and VD/TS pressure and vacuum relief valves, hydraulic control panels with BE/AD deflagration flame arresters.

A   Protection of storage tanks; PROTEGO® BR/TS-80-IIB

B Protection of storage tanks, slop tanks (residual tanks), vapour manifold; PROTEGO® DE/S-DN-IIB

C Protection of storage tanks, slop tanks (residual tanks), vapour manifold; PROTEGO® SV/E-S-DN-IIB

D   Connected to vapour manifold (with e.g. ball valve); PROTEGO® BE/HR-E-DN-IIB

E   Protection of coffer dams; PROTEGO® LH/AD(-S)-DN-IIC

F   Vapour manifold; PROTEGO® ZE/WU (IIB), ZE/TK

G   Protection of vapour return pipeline; PROTEGO® DA-SB-IIC

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