Beware of fraud attempt with faked e-mails

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

please be aware, that there might be phishing/criminal attempts with fake PROTEGO® E-Mail addresses. 

One of our customers/partners received a message, that looks like it was sent from Dr. Michael Davies, CEO of PROTEGO® Germany. The receiver was luckily concerned about the message, so he asked his local PROTEGO® contact, if this message was legit.

Please see screenshots below where I’ll explain how you can check that this message was not from a legit sender:

At first glance you might think it is a legit E-Mail from Dr. Davies. Please be aware that it’s technically possible to fake any e-mail address.

When you hit reply, you will see a completely different address. This is the attackers address. ( in this case)

So if you answer and you see a different address than the sender’s one, please be aware! Also we will NEVER ask to chat with a “private” e-mail address.

Please contact our IT-Department if you notice messages like this and forward it to

If you want to learn more about CEO Fraud and Phishing attacks, please see



Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards

Andre Ess