Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the PROTEGO® IT department would like to draw your attention to phishing / criminal attempts using fake PROTEGO® E-Mail addresses.

Since the beginning of this week some of our customers and partners received a message, that's similar to the images below.

The recievers we're luckily suspicious about the request and asked their local PROTEGO® contact, if this message was legit.

Please be aware that it’s possible to use any EMail address for sending a message even when this address isn't existing.

The original real address of the attacker is hidden, but if you'd reply to the message it'd be sent to this original address,

instead of the one displayed by your EMail client.

So if you click on "Reply" on the message in your client and you see a different address in the "To" field than the one displayed as the sender before,

please be cautious and contact your local PROTEGO® representative or the PROTEGO® IT-ServiceDesk at

If you are a PROTEGO® representative, please notify your customers and partners about this message.

Thank you very much for your attention.