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1. DR/EU

The PROTEGO® DR/EU series of in-line detonation flame arresters represents further development of PROTEGO® flame arrester series DR/ES, which has been successfully used in industry for decades....

2. DR/SV

The PROTEGO® DR/SV flame arrester series ideally combines the function of a detonation arrester with the advantages of a shut-off valve. In case of ignition, the fire can be stabilized within the flame ar...

3. DA-UB

The type PROTEGO® DA-UB in-line detonation flame arresters are the newest generation of flame arresters. Based on fluid dynamic and explosion-dynamic calculations, as well as decades of field tests, a line...

4. DA-E

The PROTEGO® DA-E series of detonation arresters are distinguished by its eccentric housing shape. When condensate accumulates within the PROTEGO® flame arrester unit, the design allows the liq...

5. BE/AD

The PROTEGO® BE/AD end-of-line deflagration flame arrester provides protection against atmospheric deflagrations. The device is usually installed on vent lines of small vessels and plant equipment which ar...

6. DA-CG

The PROTEGO® DA-CG series of detonation arresters was mainly developed for the North American market and optimized to meet the demands of the US Coast Guard. The devices are symmetrical and offer bi-direct...

7. DR/ES, DN 10 - 20
DR/ES, DN 10 - 20

The PROTEGO® DR/ES series in-line detonation flame arrester with connection size up to ¾“ is ideal for installation in small pipes and to protect equipment such as gas analyzers. The device protects aga...

8. BR/TS-80-IIB3

The PROTEGO® BR/TS-80-IIB3 detonation flame arrester was developed for protecting tankships but can also be used for containers. These devices are especially used on tank ships operating on inland waterway...

9. EF/V-IIB3

The PROTEGO® EF/V-IIB3 detonation-safe foot valve protects the suction line in a storage tank. The virtually maintenancefree device is installed at the end of the emptying line within the tank. During suct...

10. FA-I-V, FA-I-P

PROTEGO® FA-I-V and FA-I-P flame arresters are specifically designed for vacuum pumps, blowers, and compressors. The high flow velocity in the small gaps of these machines can lead to undesirable ignitions...

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