Protection of Biogas System, Wastewater Treatment and Landfill Gas Systems with Flame Arresters and Valves

Protecting the digester or the collecting basin with a UB/SF frost-proof pressure and vacuum relief valve and with DR/ES detonation flame arresters in the gas or vapour manifold.

Protecting the desulphurisation unit suitable for elevated temperature and pressure with FA-CNFA-CN-T or FA-E deflagration flame arresters.

Protecting the in-line gasholder in the pressure and vacuum relief line with a EB endurance burning- proof deflagration flame arrester; equipping the emergency vent stack with P/EBR deflagration-proof and endurance burning-proof pressure relief valve and SV/E deflagration-proof vacuum relief valve.

Ground flares, cogeneration plants and diesel gensets are potential ignition sources for a biogas (methane) air mixture. Suitable flame arresters that consider temperature and pressure need to be installed in the piping towards the equipment. Use needs to be made of either FA-CN-T or FA-E-T temperature-monitored deflagration flame arresters or - at a great distance from the potential ignition source - DA-SB or DR/ES detonation flame arresters are used.