PROTEGO® QuEST - Quick Engineering and Sizing Tool


PROTEGO® QuEST is the software for sizing and selection of our venting devices.

Venting according to:

  • API Std. 2000 5th - 7th Editions
  • ISO 28300
  • TRGS 509 (TRbF 20)

PROTEGO® QuEST features:

  • Parallel sizing for devices for normal breathing and emergency venting
  • Sizing of valves with back pressure and inlet pressure loss
  • User defined chemical product database
  • PDF output also in Quick Sizing
  • Venting: Determine the normal in- and outbreathing as well as the emergency relief flow requirements of storage tanks.
  • Sizing: Selection of PROTEGO® valves and flame arresters.
  • Quick Sizing: Checking of in service PROTEGO® devices, f. i. within MOC.
  • Data output in PDF.
  • Web based interface with local data storage.
  • Available in several languages.

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