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Excellence in Safety and Environment Since 1954, PROTEGO® has built and provided flame arresters, valves and tank equipment, now with the help of more than 600 employees worldwide. We are the technology leader within our area of expertise. We provide global…
2. Product Search
Product Search
3. Application
Application Please bear in mind that, given the strong demand, booking can only be made on the basis of an official order including the invoicing address and your order No. Unless an order has been received, pre-booking (e.g. by email) if any will not be…
4. PROTEGO® Academy
PROTEGO® Academy
5. Applications
Safety Systems in Practice Storage Tanks in Tank Farms for Refineries and Chemical Processing Plants read more In Processing Systems for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries read more In Vapour Combustion Systems and Flares read more In Ship Building,…
6. Special Solutions
Special Solutions Whatever complex and extreme your application, we will find a solution for you. We are specialists, not only specializing in what we have already developed, but also in developing the dedicated solutions you may require. Tailored valves and…
7. Flame Arrestor
The right device for all applications Flame Arresters are subdivided into different types according to the combustion process and by type of installation. Our range of products covers the following: Working principle of Flame Arresters PROTEGO® Flame Arresters…
8. Valves
The right device for all application Valves are subdivided into different types according to being flame transmission proof or non-flame transmission proof and by type of installation. Our range of products covers the following: Special Features and…
9. Tank Equipment
Interested in Tank Equipment? Contact our specialists for your individual requirements. Contact us!
10. Equipment for Cryogenic Storage Tanks
Pressure/vacuum relief valves Decades of experience in manufacturing pilot-operated pressure/vacuum relief valves, our expertise in computer-optimized design, and our extensive test facilities form the basis for the development of the most powerful vent…
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