Since 1954 PROTEGO® has built and provided safety devices and tank equipment, now with the help of more than 500 employees worldwide. Within our area of expertise, we are the technology leader.  We provide global services for our customers, which include research and development, application-specific engineering, and overall protection system design.  Our customers know they can trust in our products and high quality and development standards for process engineering, the petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries and the bio-energy sector.

PROTEGO® – The Trademark sets the Standard

Today flame arresters (FLAMEFILTER®) are used for many industrial applications. They are recognised as a safe principle for engineered explosion protection. Making high demands as to sealing of valves is beneficial in terms of both environmental and explosion protection. Quality is manufactured.

PROTEGO® - Root Competences for Customer’s Benefit

Where standard products do not meet the requirements, designs are modified to suit special applications. Qualified advice leads to economic solutions. Maintaining a worldwide network of PROTEGO® subsidiaries and representations we are on site when we are needed.

PROTEGO® - Products for safety and the environment

Explosion protection with PROTEGO® valves and equipment prevents disasters. Worldwide purchasing, modern manufacturing facilities, permanent quality control and global communication guarantee high quality of products and services. With products supplied and services provided, we are committed to safety and the environment: PROTEGO® - I protect.


PROTEGO® Vision & Mission



PROTEGO® - Vision

Excellence in Safety and Environment.   

PROTEGO® - Mission

A profitable, independent, international family business that, while developing and manufacturing low pressure safety valves and equipment, is the top-notch competence source for technology, quality, availability, services, engineering, and consultancy. Our fields of activities are explosion protection as well as environmental conservation through retaining and relieving pressure in the exploration, processing and storage of flammable liquids and gases.


PROTEGO® History

60 Years of Innovation – Flexibility – Quality – Performance – Service ... for Safety and the Environment

The motto of Robert Leinemann, who founded the company, has no alternative: Good technical ideas and sound workmanship are the basis for the success of a company

PROTEGO® - Three Generations of Family Business

Robert Leinemann (1954-1967); Hubert Leinemann (1967-2000); Christoph Leinemann (1992-2013).

Our well-trained staff, and our closeness to customers, are the doors to success. Permanent ongoing development and intensive research are required to obtain a high quality and technically perfect product. The customer benefits from our results and can rely on well-engineered products and qualified services. Satisfying the customer is the objective.