PROTEGO® Flame Arrester Unit

with ultra-maintenance-friendly design

No more damaged or misaligned FLAMEFILTER® discs during assembly or maintenance.
For applications where more frequent maintenance of FLAMEFILTER® is required (e.g. heavy contamination caused by polymerization, crystallization) or IIC applications.

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FLAMEFILTER® broken during disassembly


Wider gap between the FLAMEFILTER® and cage combined with axial sealing and strengthening of the FLAMEFILTER® with a solid external ring

Cost reduction through faster and safer maintenance

Retrofitting of installed PROTEGO® Flame Arresters and fitting is possible at any time:

  • without change of approval!
  • without change of face-to-face dimensions!
  • without change of volume flow!

The innovative design provides a wider gap between the FLAMEFILTER® and the cage without affecting safety and facilitates removal of the FLAMEFILTER® discs.


  • The wider marginal gap facilitates removal of the FLAMEFILTER®.
  • Use of gaskets (O-rings) as anti-pollution barrier between cage and FLAMEFILTER®.
  • Improved stability of FLAMMENFILTER® through strong external rings and spot-welded intermediate layers.
  • Less time required for maintenance, i.e. reduced downtime of equipment.
  • Maintenance of all diameters by operator possible.
  • Extra costs for ultra-maintenance-friendly Flame Arresters will be recovered within a short service period.
  • Service by operator now possible also for larger diameters.