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Join the discussions, find inspiration, build your strategies and uncover innovation at Gastech 2018 – the meeting place for the global LNG, gas and energy community in Barcelona this September. 

The exhibition will take place from 17-20 September 2018 at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain

Our PROTEGO® exhibition team

  • Dr. Michael Davies 
    CEO, PROTEGO® Headquarter
  • Axel Sommer
    CSO, PROTEGO® Headquarter
  • Sébastien Schoenecker 
    CEO, PROTEGO® Daughter Company, France
  • Thorsten Schaper 
    Sales Manager, Cryogenic Applications, PROTEGO® Headquarter
  • Inigo Perez 
    Sales EU, PROTEGO® Headquarter
  • Brian Anderson 
    Sales, PROTEGO USA
  • Alfredo Távara
    CEO, PROTEGO Spain
  • Irene Giménez
    Sales, PROTEGO Spain


In addition to our exhibition Dr. Michael Davies will give a lecture on "What type of testing is required to assure that Pilot Operated Valves for LNG service function when exposed to extreme conditions", at the German Pavilion. 

The lecture starts on 11:10 am, September 10.

We are looking forward to welcome you.

Cryogenic Tank Applications by PROTEGO®

At the Gastech, we will present safety concepts for cryogenic applications:

  • Pilot Operated Valves that solve instability problems during operation such as fluttering and chattering
  • Extremely low leakage rates on Breather Valves (much lower than ISO 28300 and API 2000 7th ed.)
  • Cryogenic functional test according to ISO 21013-4 available on request.
  • Low Pressure and Vacuum Conservation Vents - lowest settings with metalic sealing available for best tightness even under high positive pressure 
  • Cleaning for oxygen service available on request.
  • Low pressure Reducing Valves

  • In-Tank Valves for bottom and tank wall discharge line
  • ATEX approved Flame Arresters
  • Sold globally. Serviced locally (PARC).
  • Fully ATEX, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified international company.

PROTEGO® will present the following devices for cryogenic services.


The PROTEGO® Type VN-A-PC pilot-controlled diaphragm valve is a newly developed valve for pressure and vacuum relief. Primarily used as a safety device for outbreathing in tanks, vessels, and process engineering equipment it also offers reliable protection from overpressure and/or vacuum.



In-Tank Valves such as the PROTEGO® ITV-S are used in storage tanks for cryogenic liquids in order to seal off discharge lines in the event of an accident or emergency. These devices comply with the requirements of API 625.



The V/SV-XL type PROTEGO® valve is a highly developed optimized vacuum relief valve with excellent flow performance. It is primarily used as a safety device for relieving vacuum in tanks, containers and process engineering equipment.

For more information on our equipment for cyrogenic storage tanks:

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