Gaskets approved for higher operating temperatures in certain PROTEGO® flame arresters

At higher operating temperatures a certain limited selection of our standard gaskets can no longer be used. This is because at higher temperatures with the PTFE gasket the allowable surface pressure decreases rapidly and the WS3822 gasket becomes too brittle. For this reason the following is valid for devices approved for higher temperatures:

  • Gaskets that will be exposed to higher surface pressures and that are exposed to the forces of the main flow stream are required to be of the grooved metal type. This affects for example the series DA-SB (all sizes) und FA-I (≤ Nominal Diameter 800), because the ring surface area of the filter cage that presses against the gasket is relatively small resulting in a relatively high surface pressure at the point of contact on the gasket. These gaskets consist of a base housing with ridges or grooves which are to be used as the sealing surface on both sides of the gasket. The initial thickness of the gaskets used in our devices is 3 mm. The installed thickness reduces to 2,1 mm. The allowed surface pressure of these gaskets at 200°C is 450 N/mm².
Device Housing MaterialGasket Type
0.7040, 1.0425, 1.0619, 1.4571, 1.4408Grooved metal gasket B7A 1.4571/PTFE
2.4610, 2.4602, 2.4686Grooved metal gasket B7A 2.4602/PTFE
Coated DevicesIndividual cases must be investigated to determine
in the coating limits the effective working
temperature sufficiently (<150°C) that a PTFE gasket
can be used. Otherwise a grooved metal gasket
B7A 2.4602/PTFE is to be installed.
  • Gaskets that are not exposed to high surface pressures (<30 N/mm² at 200°C), but are exposed to the forces of the main flow stream, will be of the PTFE type as the allowable surface pressure of the gaskets at higher temperatures are not exceeded. This is the case for example with DIN gaskets in between two DIN flanges or the gaskets used for the drain plugs.
  • Gaskets/Sealings that are not exposed to the forces of the main flow stream, such as O-Rings, will be of type PTFE

In very limited cases, please consult with a PROTEGO® sales engineer in order to determine if it is possible to install a more cost beneficial PTFE gasket in place of a grooved metal gasket. In limited cases where this is possible, this will require a change to the operating and maintenance manual with restricted installation limitations on the allowable tightening torque. It should be taken into consideration that these operating manual alterations will result in a surcharge.

New Approval: BR/TS-80-IIB3

The flame arrester is identical to BR/TS-80-IIB3 and BR/TS-25-IIB3 but now approved as an ATEX protective system and in conformity with ADN 2015.

Technical data:

Explosion Group: IIB3

max. operating temp.: 60°C

max. operating pressure: 1,55 bar

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