Visit us at the LNG Summit in Houston, Texas

The LNG Summit will take place from February 23-24 2017 at the Hotel Derek Houston.

With our motto “Excellence in Safety and Environment” we proudly display our innovative range of products and services: flame arresters, valves, tank accessories as well as PROTEGO® service and maintenance.

The PROTEGO® exhibition team:

Thorsten Schaper (Sales Manager Tankequipment and Cryogenic Applications, PROTEGO® Headquarter)

Brian Anderson, David Lovein (Sales Manager PROTEGO USA)

Please visit us at our Booth.


Technical Conference:

Join the PROTEGO® presentation "Lessons Learned Solving Pilot Valve Instability Issues on LNG Storage Tanks".

Time: February 23rd, 2017, 2pm

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

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Cryogenic Tank Applications by PROTEGO®

At the LNG Summit, we will present safety concepts for cryogenic applications:

  • Pilot operated valves that solve instability problems during operation such as fluttering and chattering
  • Extremely low leakage rates on breather valves (much lower than ISO 28300 and API 2000 7th ed.)
  • Cryogenic functional test according to ISO 21013-4 available on request.
  • Low Pressure and Vacuum Conservation Vents - lowest settings with metalic sealing available for best tightness even under high positive pressure 
  • Cleaning for oxygen service available on request.
  • Low pressure reducing valves

  • In-Tank Valves for bottom and tank wall discharge line
  • ATEX approved Flame Arresters
  • Sold globally. Serviced locally (PARC).
  • Fully ATEX, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified international company.

Application Examples for Cryogenic Tanks

LNG-Storage Tank

Ammonia-Storage Tank

Ethylene-Storage Tank

Propylene-Storage Tank

LIN-LOX-LAR-Storage Tank

PROTEGO® In-Tank Valves

The In-Tank Valve PROTEGO® NB/AP for tank bottom or tank wall connection is used in cryogenic tanks and fulfills the requirements of API 625. The valve can be put to service in applications where temperatures as low as –196°C exist.

The In-Tank Valve PROTEGO® SI/DP for tank wall connection is used in cryogenic tanks which serve to store liquefied gases. The valve can be put to service in applications where temperatures as low as –196°C exist.

Pilot-Operated Valve PROTEGO® PM-HF for cryogenic applications

The PROTEGO® Type PM-HF pilot-controlled diaphragm valve is a highly developed valve for pressure and vacuum relief. Primarily used as a safety device for outbreathing in tanks, vessels, and process engineering equipment it also offers reliable protection from vacuum and overpressure.


  • Solves instability problems during operation such as cycling, fluttering and chattering with an internal dampening system
  • Materials: Stainless steel and Aluminium
  • Temperature range: -196°C to +90°C
  • Set pressure range: +10 to +1034 mbar
  • Set vacuum range: -2,2 to -8,1 mbar
  • Conformity per API 2000 7th Ed. and ISO 28300
  • Cryogenic Functional Test (per ISO 21013-4)
  • Blow down <7%
  • Extremly tight valve seat to valve pallet seal

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