Service partner uses the new PROTEGO® Mobile Test Bench

The PROTEGO® Authorized Repair Center (PARC) Art-EX, located in Gundersheim, Germany has become the first PARC to acquire the newly developed PROTEGO® Mobile Test Bench. Inspection, Service and Maintenance can now be easily accomplished either on-site by the customer or in the workshop in Gundersheim.
Using the PROTEGO® Mobile Test Bench, valve leak rates can be verified in accordance with PROTEGO® work standards, API 2000 5th - 7th Edition, and customer specific standards. Leakage tests with air up to 3 Bar / 43.51 psi are possible and valve set pressures can be verified in the full range from -517 to +1034 mbar / -7,5 to +15 psig.
We are delighted that Art-Ex is employing the advantages of the new Mobile Test Bench sharing those benefits our mutual customers.
PROTEGO® wishes them every success.

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New deflagration and endurance burning-proof PROTEGO® valves

PROTEGO® D-SVL-EB: Pressure Relief Valve
PROTEGO® VD-SV-EB: Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve

The new PROTEGO® devices VD-SV-EB and D-SVL-EB are deflagration- and endurance burning-proof valves for high flow capacities with the integrated flame arrester PROTEGO® EB. They are primarily used as safety devices for flame-transmission-proof in- and outbreathing in tanks, containers and process engineering apparatus.

  • through 10% technology higher set pressures can be used which results in product loss reduction compared to conventional 40% and 100% overpressure technology vents (compare API 2000)
  • more design flexibility through higher reseating pressures; vents reseat when conventional vent is still discharging costly product or nitrogen
  • the valve disc is guided within the housing to protect against harsh weather conditions
  • high performance seal reducing product loss below EPA’s 500ppm rule preventing environmental pollution
  • modular design enables individual FLAMEFILTERS® and valve pallets to be replaced

more about PROTEGO® VD-SV-EB VD-SV-EB    more about PROTEGO® D-SVL-EB 

New Indian Standard IS 16485

The Indian Standard IS 16485 which was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards in 2016 is now identical with ISO 16852:2008 'Flame arresters - Performance requirements, test methods and limits for use' issued by the International Organization for Standardization. Therefore all flame arresters, which were tested according to ISO 16852:2008, fulfil the requirements of IS 16485.

25 Years of PROTEGO® in India

Today PROTEGO India is the largest manufacturing facility of the Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH outside of Germany. With the latest state of the art CNCs and material handling facility, PROTEGO India not only serves the Indian market but also intercompany requirements with its own ATEX certification. The upgradation of the manufacturing facility has reduced the overall production time to 1/3rd and now sparing capacity for higher demands. With years of experience in producing quality productsto German standards PROTEGO India’s engineering and manufacturing skills have been once again endorsed with construction of 1400 mm Flame Filter for CPCL and 30” Floating Suction Units for Star Refinery – Turkey.

PROTEGO Germanys’ global partnership with Lightning Master Corporation for their product range of Lightning Protection and Static solution has been further strengthened in India with largest ever order from Reliance Industries Ltd for their Jamnagar Refinery for By Pass Conductors for lightning protection of their external floating roof tanks.

PROTEGO India has been working with end users and consultants to upgrade their knowledge of Breather Valves and Flame Arrester and impress upon them to incorporate the latest global standards. Working closely with the Bureau of Indian Standards, the Indian standard for Flame arresters now aligns with International Standard ISO 16852. The new Indian Standard for Flame Arresters IS 16485 is now released. The Indian industry safety standards shall be greatly benefitted with this new development.

PROTEGO India is a self-sufficient manufacturing unit contributing in all terms to the corporate vision of the Company.

Strong Growth in China

On his trip to China PROTEGO® Chief Executive Officer Dr. Michael Davies states that our strong growthrate in China is based in a successful team with excellent experience. We have executed more than hundred projects in China. Customers like Sinopec, PetroChina, BASF, Evonik, Bayer, AkzoNobel, Shell and many more have received excellent support over the last 11 years. For PROTEGO® it was a logical step to start production in Nanjing China. In the past PROTEGO® was running an engineering and sales office in Shanghai. This milestone of now producing PROTEGO® devices in China allows us to provide top quality product with fastdelivery time and excellent after sales service to multinational customers within the Chinese Market.

Chinese engineering companies have long taken a strong position in global engineering and service projects all over the world. Not being able to provide engineering combined with training and production as well as after sales service would have been a strategic mistake adds Managing Director Yan Zhang of PROTEGO China. Zhang proudly announces that spare parts can be delivered within a day and delivery time for locally produced PROTEGO® devices are cut down by several weeks. PROTEGO®’s success in China is also based on continuous training and development of Chinese employees through German engineers in China and Germany.

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