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Patent Applied for Newly Developed Endurance Burning Proof Flame Arresters for Nominal Sizes up to DN 800 / 32''

The new PROTEGO® EB deflagration and endurance-burning flame arrester vent cap features persuasive reliability, high flow efficiency and lightweight construction. 



PROTEGO® launches new Emergency Pressure Relief Valve ER-V-LP

Dedicated R & D investments have enabled PROTEGO® to develop a new valve pallet technology for which a patent has been taken out. Metal-to-metal seal-tight contact, while adding to the resistance to product and environmental impact, guarantees excellent sealing. This patented valve pallet technology allows the area characteristic typical of safety valves to be also applied to lower-pressure applications (+3.4 mbar to +15 mbar). 



Lightning Protection

PROTEGO® and LightningMaster have integrated their solutions to provide the highest level of explosion protection to customers around the world.  



Reshaped website is online

Revised graphically and contentwise, our new presentation on the web is online. It provides a straightforward and user-friendly structure that facilitates your gaining an understanding of both our business and the product range we make.

Display of direct contacts in the relevant subject areas, with photographs and contact information, is an essential and very personal new feature.

Moreover, a new database and Google Maps have added to clarity of the international contact page. Thus, it will be much easier for you to find contact information for the subsidiary, representation or service base you are looking for anywhere in the world.

Graphics of the relevant download files displayed in the download domain will provide at-a-glance information.

The mobile version of our website allows users to search in an optimised view for iPhone or Android, for contacts worldwide.  



Visit us at StocExpo Rotterdam, Stand F11

The StocExpo, one of Europe’s most significant expos for the oil and petrochemical industry, will take place from March 18th to 20th 2014 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

With our motto “Excellence in Safety and Environment” we will proudly display our innovative products from our following ranges: flame arresters, valves, tank accessories as well as PROTEGO® Service and Maintenance.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.


We will be pleased to meet you at Stand F11!


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